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Sage is the right print company in Edmonton for all your professional printing needs. Are you unhappy with your logo? Undecided as to color palette and font? Unsure about which print product will suit your needs? Our skilled team and graphic design experts are here to help!


We at Sage Print & Sign in Edmonton take great pride in ensuring that your print products meet the highest quality standards – but that’s not all. Our professionals partner with you to ensure that your print product is aligned with your brand identity. Your brand is comprised of all of the elements that form the overall image of your company in the customer’s eyes. It can include things like your product packaging, labels, logo and web presence. Even your company’s social media accounts form part of your brand identity, since this is where your customers get to know more about the people behind your business and maybe even a little behind the scenes.

When you’re in business, presentation matters. We know how much work goes into ensuring that you meet your customers needs every day, but what about soon-to-be and potential customers? You can’t be everywhere of all the time, so you need professional print products that speak on behalf of your company and offer the kind of first impression that will make loyal clients of casual observers. Our professional printing company in Edmonton delivers high quality printed materials that are custom designed and tailored with the needs of your customer in mind.

When you aren’t there to speak to the value that you offer, your print products should serve as a showcase of your product or service. Print products offer potential clients a window into your unique business. Similar to web presence, your print materials can be a great marketing resource if produced with care and in consultation with skilled professionals. But, like a bad website, your products can miss the mark if care isn’t taken to ensure that they are eye catching and clear in their messaging.





Logo & Brand Identity

Brand identity is also reinforced by the visual elements of your company’s presentation, such as logo, color palette and text fonts. These items become recognizable by your customers, making you an obvious choice when a related need arises. Think, for example, of the highly recognizable golden arches at McDonald’s. Wherever city you are in, you’re likely to recognize a restaurant location before the restaurant itself is even in view. The golden arches are central to the McDonald’s brand.


Brochures come in different layouts and sizes and are an appropriate marketing or information tool for almost any business. Their versatility means that they can be useful for promotional events, tradeshows or for networking. Forget the large expenses that often come along with purchasing ad space online, or in newspapers and magazines. While those are good strategies, brochures are a great compliment to an overall marketing strategy including search engine optimization (SEO), social media and paid ad space strategies. Online strategy aside, a tangible product like a brochure does not get lost among the thousands of other ads. New companies benefit from brochures by reducing marketing costs and offering a tangible reference document which informs their customers of their products and services.

Direct Mailers

Many people think that direct mail is no longer a worthwhile form of marketing – but as it turns out, that is not true. In fact, many direct mail campaigns find more success than emails, since email often gets filtered as spam or remains unopened. Many companies find that, due to the decrease in direct mail in general, well branded direct mail stands out from other items in the mailbox and gets the customer’s undivided attention.
Direct mail also has access to all demographics, not just those people using social media. This means that the potential customer reach is larger. And in a world that puts so much focus on digital marketing, a tangible product is likely to build more trust with an older demographic. By studying your ideal customer, you can gain demographic insights to assist in determining whether a direct mail strategy is right for your business.

News Letters Flyers

Looking for a way to nurture your existing client base or get the word out about special offers? Professionally printed newsletters are a special touch. Newsletters and flyers are a great way to offer special promotions to your existing customers only, and distribution is cost effective because you already possess the client distribution list. If you’re looking for a printing or sign company in Edmonton that delivers professional results with quality service, Contact Sage Print & Sign Today!


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