Event & Raffle Tickets

Are you planning an event? If so, you’ve got a lot to consider. Amid the list of to-dos in the weeks leading up to your special event will no doubt be printing official event tickets. At Sage, we help to make your event a success by offering hassle-free, timely event ticket printing in Edmonton.


Draw, raffle, and event tickets are one of Sage Print & Signs most popular printing services. Whether you require sequential numbering, barcodes, or security features such as holograms for your custom event ticket order, we can do it all! We have years of experience in printing quality tickets in Edmonton and area for events such as; concerts, corporate parties, seminars, recitals, team fundraisers, school events, private events, DJ shows/nightclubs, wedding socials, or theatre plays and more! Give Sage Print & Sign a call for more information and get a FREE quote today!

Marketing professionals understand that even your ticketing process is a further opportunity for product branding. So, why not consider adding interest by capitalizing on the space on the back side of the ticket? For example, we might plan an event ticket which will double as a takeaway business contact card for each of your event attendees. We offer full color options, or black and white as well as sequential numbering of tickets for accurate tracking.

Your tickets will be perforated for ease of use and QR codes can be added to facilitate quick entry into your event. With the tickets handled, you’re free to attend to the many other duties associated with promoting your event. Check out the tips below for ideas about event promotion, and contact us for any of your digital marketing needs. Learn more about our digital marketing services by contacting one of our digital marketing specialists.


If you’re offering event swag at your event, consider making some of the items part of a competition or giveaway. The first 100 tickets sold could come with a hashtag branded hat, t-shirt or other branded item. Consider having your online audience share your content for a chance to win a special prize. The options are abundant but be sure to consult your marketing professional for online rules around social media competitions.


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