Is your business or event in need of signage? Whether it’s indoor signage to bring attention to particular products or offerings, or outdoor signage to build brand awareness and catch the eye of the passersby, Sage is the Sign Company in Sherwood Park and Edmonton to get the job done.




Permanent Signs

At Sage Print & Sign in Sherwood Park and Edmonton, we think that your business sign should communicate more than just a name. We partner with you to understand your needs and the impact that you’re trying to make. When combined with your custom branded logo and the right amount of personality, you can bet that potential customers will take note.

Professional signs and displays promote your business by lending legitimacy to its name, and offer a modern approach to memorable advertisement. Without the ability to speak to everyone who passes by, signs are a great way to improve customer awareness of your organization. Signage is the most visible means of communication with your clients. Want to increase opportunities for impulse purchases? Physical signs placed along your ideal client’s hub (where they often spend their time) make you the perfect choice.

Many organizations are capitalizing on the opportunity to gain new customers every day from high foot traffic areas by investing in non-digital advertisement. Placing signage on sandwich boards lower to the ground not only catches the eye of the discerning foodie, but small children will love to see that their favorite – ice cream – is on special today! These signs are custom made and branded in just your style, and modern designs offer the ability to display your brand’s personality.

Sidewalk displays and other physical signage can be moved around your location and can follow you to events. In this way, your one-time investment in a beautifully crafted sign enjoys long-term and varied use, since it can be used again and again! The cost per use with these professional signs is low, making your investment count. These products are sturdy enough to handle long-term use and made resilient enough for Alberta winters.

Why Choose Sage Print & Sign?

With all that is offered online, it can be difficult to choose the right printer for you. But choosing an Edmonton and Sherwood Park sign company for your company’s signs and displays is about more than the ability to just fill your order requests. At Sage, we take our customer’s experience seriously – and we believe in supporting local. Here are some things to consider about working with a local sign company in Edmonton and Sherwood Park.

Your print projects are often just one part of a larger effort to market your goods to your important customers. That means that regardless of whether your print projects are large signs or business cards, long wait times can complicate your efforts. While large online printers may offer the service you need, often what is not considered are the thousands of international orders that these companies receive every day. Your print project could be number one in line – or it could be number 1001. Add to that the necessary shipping and other associated fees and, often, the investment becomes far more costly than originally predicted.

Shorter Wait Times And Zero Shipping Costs With A Local Printer

At Sage, we understand the impact that your marketing efforts can have an effect on every level of your business. We work to ensure that your professional products are accurate to specification and in your hands in less time than mass printers can offer.

As your local sign company in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, we get your order filled and ready for pickup without the time and cost involved in shipping your products. At a time where shipping rates and timelines are changing daily, working with a local printer ensures that you save money and time. You’ll have peace of mind that your product will be ready on time. On time and on budget – that’s the service you’ll get from Sage.

We believe in supporting local, so we hire and print our signs in Edmonton and Sherwood Park without outsourcing to third parties outside of our community. Your marketing spend is going to support your local economy, doesn’t that feel great? Because we are local, you’ll experience a true partnership when you decide to work with us. With an on-site graphic designer and staff that is eager to make your project a success, we are positioned to partner with you to ensure that your signage is as effective as possible. We store your project details so that we are able to easily make changes to projects or facilitate reprints. That means you don’t have to worry about starting from scratch if a company file is misplaced or inaccessible.

We are in your corner, supporting your needs with effective communication, quality products and thorough quality control.


Are you trying to make a decision around marketing displays or other products? Are you unsure of how to get the biggest bang for your buck if your budget is limited? Have an idea and want to understand whether it’s possible to make it come to life? Why not involve us in the planning? Contact Sage Print & Sign in Edmonton and Sherwood Park to reach one of our print specialist today.


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